Linear Convectors

Linear Convectors

The Reinvention of the Electric Baseboard

Dimplex has reinvented the electric baseboard with the new Linear Convector. The LC/LPC is smaller, heats faster, and fits better within your home décor.

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42%* Smaller

Linear Convectors are up to 42% smaller in length compared to a traditional baseboard heater, offering you maximum floor plan flexibility in an attractive package. *Up to

40%* Faster

Up to 40% faster heat flow than traditional baseboard heaters, Linear Convectors respond quickly to changes in temperature and keep room temperature consistently comfortable. *Up to

33%* Energy Savings

Linear Proportional Convectors provide up to 33% energy savings when compared to a traditional baseboard. High-efficiency built-in electronic thermostat maintains precise room temperature (within 0.5°C/0.9°F) for maximum energy savings. *Up to

CONNEX™ Compatible

Heaters and controllers featuring CONNEX™ use wireless operation which allows multiple heaters to be synchronized together to work off a single wall-mounted control.

Linear Convector

The sleek styling, smaller size and faster heat output are just a few of the features that make these units so unique and a must have for every homeowner. The time of installing old traditional baseboards is over. Both its compact size and top discharge design provide faster heating capabilities than ever before. Enjoy heat that fits with a compact Linear Convector by Dimplex.

Linear Proportional Convector

Take the next step to cost savings and install the Linear Proportional Convector with built-in electronic thermostat. Remarkably, the LPC consumes up to 33% less energy than a traditional baseboard. The unique built-in electronic thermostat on the Linear Proportional Convector accurately proportions the heat output to maintain the desired temperature to within an incredible 0.5°C (0.9°F). Not only will you save on energy costs, but you will also enjoy a consistent and comfortable room temperature.


Front glass stays cool, making it safe to touch.