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Architectural Slope Top


Model # AS8 Series

These low profile front/top extruded aluminum convectors are extremely durable, and offer the choice of front or bottom intakes to suit your specific application.  A wide range of power options, voltages, and control systems are available; along with built-in wire-ways for continuous heater installation.  Units can be mounted flush to floor, or on pedestals to suit your floor material.

Front and top are constructed of extruded aluminum equivalent in strength to 14 gauge steel, with punched air intake and exhaust vents. Cabinet back and bottom are fabricated from satin coat steel with multiple knockouts for convenient power connection.  Endcaps are field removable for continuous heater installation.

Heating Element:
Stainless Steel sheath encloses a nickel chromium element compacted in a mineral insulation. Aluminum fins are brazed to the surface and provide superior heat transfer.

Controls & Wiring:
(Optional) Built-in tamperproof thermostat, or adjustable thermostat controls may be mounted in either the left of right hand terminal box. Built-in low voltage controls, if specified, are located in the right hand terminal box.  Built-in disconnect switches, if specified, are located in the right hand terminal box. Power connection can be made at either end of the heater.

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Volts 120, 208, 240, 347, 600 V - 1/3
Wattage 500 W - 2500 W
Warranty 2 year
  • UL
  • CUL
  • White & Almond
  • Polyester powder finish
  • Clear & Bronze Anodized
Available in U.S. and Canada
Finish Painted finish is hybrid polyester epoxy powder coat process.
  • Commercial
  • School Classrooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Offices
  • Sports Facilities

Key Features and Benefits

  • Full length thermal protection

    Reduces window drafts in commercial buildings.

  • Floating element suspension

    Eliminates expansion noise.

  • Durable

    Non-corrosive, stainless steel tubular element with aluminum fins.

  • Built-in wireway

    Provides continuous installation.

  • Installation flexibility

    Choice of air intake on front or bottom.

  • Slope top design

    Prevents blockage.

  • Low profile styling

    Measuring 8"H x 2 1/2"W for an unobtrusive appearance.